Saturday, August 5, 2017

Piyali- Days 3 & 4

On Thursday and Friday this week, we spent our mornings with classes 3-7 learning stories like The Boy Who Cried Wolf (we are told it's nearly identical to The Boy Who Cried Tiger, which the girls all seemed to know pretty well). While the other class worked on the story of Snow White. 

We learned new vocabulary, and practiced pronunciation, and even got to watch some of the youngest groups in kindergarten and class 1 perform their favorite songs--Mary Had a Little Lamb being second on the set list.

While the heat and long car rides can be exhausting, the sweet girls and endless chai keep us all awake and excited to get to the school every morning. Pr. Luther has spent the first part of his afternoons with the team of incredibly dedicated teachers, discussing world religions, which they promise they enjoy, and look forward to more of next week.

On Friday, we left the school a bit early to rest up at the hotel before meeting up with the teachers from Piyali for dinner in the city. We met the teachers at a Chinese restaurant called Bar-B-Q where we shared heaping plates of rice, chow mein, various saucy meats, and plenty of laughter. All the teachers at Piyali are so kind and caring. It's easy to see where the girls at the school pick up their manners and kindness! After dinner had finished, we trekked back to the hotel, eager to sleep in this weekend and recharge for our next week of teaching!

With love,
Libby and Maria didi

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