Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Piyali - Day 2

This morning we once again ate chocolate waffles and proceeded to head out to the Piyali Learning Centre where we would begin teaching. On the drive out to the school we took a different route and traveled through Piyali village, experiencing a little bit of culture shock realizing the conditions that many of the girls from the school live in.
When we got to the school, we were greeted by the girls' sweet smiling faces and a nice warm cup of chai tea. Our lessons began with Maria, Libby, Lizzie and Sonia teaching English to classes five and six. We used the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" to teach the girls some new vocabulary, work on reading comprehension, and help them practice reading aloud.  We had a lot of fun teaching, and the students seemed to enjoy the lesson.

We then ate lunch again with the teachers. Later in the afternoon, Pastor Luther gave his first lecture on comparative religions to the teachers, discussing the basics of epistemology and diving into the history and principles of Hinduism. The teachers seemed very interested and grateful to have someone teach them about such an important topic. Before we left, several of the girls came up to us and handed us notes. It was a wonderful reminder that having us there really does have an impact them.
Lots of Love,
Lizzie Didi and Sonia Didi

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