Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Day Off in Kolkata

Since today was Saturday, we did not go to the school, and we were able to do some sightseeing around Kolkata. We began our tour at the Victoria memorial, a stunning marble building dedicated to Queen Victoria. 

We all enjoyed walking around the beautiful grounds. Then, we moved on to Saint Paul's Cathedral which was very pretty and interesting to walk around inside. 

After that we took a quick look inside a giant cricket stadium which was very impressive. 

Our driver recommended we visit a cemetery that was hundreds of years old, so we went there next. Inside, it looked like it could have been the set of a movie; there were lots of trees, and everything was covered in green moss. Our final stop and the most impactful one was to the Mother Teresa house. 

It was very moving to stand in the same room that Mother Teresa was buried in and to see her bedroom and various personal belongings. We were able to learn more about Mother Teresa's life and work, and the experience was truly humbling.  Mother Teresa provided a perfect example of how to serve God by serving others. Going to the Mother house was very inspiring and reaffirmed why we are here.

 We'll leave you with this simple quote by Mother Teresa that describes our reason for coming to Kolkata: "Faith in action is love-and love in action is service."

Lizzie and Sonia

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