Sunday, June 30, 2013

6/29 Update...

The team met Caroline's family.  In this picture is  her niece Reine with Pastor Luther.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Africa Mission Team Arrived!

From Caroline:
My trip went OK and my family is doing alright. The whole group is doing OK although they are still having a hard time to deal with the time difference, but uncle Mitch, Stefan and Katie Sauer are already adapting themselves very well. Here are some pics. I will try to send you more later. Bye! Love and miss you guys so much!

From Elias:
We arrived yesterday at about 7pm and got to our hotel about an hour later. Everyone is doing well. The hotel is looking very nice so far- no mice, no roaches! Everyone seems normal, except for Stefan, Maria, and Sedona who are all still weird. Or maybe they're normal, and the rest of us are weird? Anyway, we hope everyone is doing well back home. We will probably be taking the train (to Ngaoundéré) on Saturday evening.
Eli and the rest