Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 26th - Update!

    We made it to Yaounde and we leave tomorrow morning for Ngaoundere. We've spent the day here catching up on some rest after getting in late last night. So far everything's gone fairly well... minus some trivial details like: 
 -Boarding a plane, waiting an hour, deboarding, waiting 2 hours, and then boarding the same plane again to get to Houston. 
-Once there, we bolted across to the complete opposite side of the airport to make our flight to Istanbul (but luckily had 45 minutes to wait as that flight was also delayed). 
 -Luckily, our flight to Yaounde was also pushed back so we didn't end up missing any flights. 
 -Once we finally made it to Cameroon, a few of us were left with the unfortunate surprise of not having our bags. Caroline and I (Sharayah) are both missing our bags, as well as Pastor Luther missing one of the boxes he sent.  We are all waiting on any word from the airport to see if they show up, so PLEASE keep that in your prayers.
   Other than those flooks, we are all doing well and are very excited to make it to Ngaoundere tomorrow. We miss you all, and to all a goodnight!!
    ~Sharayah & Catie~

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2014 Incarnation Mission Trip to Cameroon

This morning we sent our mission team off to Cameroon, Africa.  They are scheduled to arrive in Yaounde, Cameroon on Wednesday, June 25, at 11:05pm.  On Friday, June 27, they fly to Ngaoundere where they will stay and work until July 10.  They will return to us on Tuesday, July 15, just before midnight.  
 Check back regularly over the next few weeks for updates from our travelers.  Share this blog with others!