Sunday, August 6, 2017

Our Second Day Off ~

Sunday morning brought some excitement--for Libby and I, at least--when, for the first time since we've been here, we slept past 3am! And 5am too! With that wonderful start to our second day of the weekend, we gathered after breakfast for a quiet worship time together--a peaceful morning moment for reflection and prayer. As we discussed our work, our hearts grew full with the notion that just maybe, our work was impacting the girls at the school who have made such an impact on us.  
We spent the rest of our free day soaking up some Indian culture, and this time, at the movies! Though most of us could have done with some English subtitles, we had a fantastic time watching the new Hindi take on When Harry Met Sally (jab Harry met Senjal). The movie theater just happened to be at the mall, so we got to do some window shopping too. We had nearly convinced Libby to enter the modeling contest that was going on in the mall today (her pink hair is a big hit with people here), but she ultimately decided against it and we all came back to the hotel via scooty (not quite a car, not quite a scooter) for dinner and more down time. Filled to the brim with a good dinner and even better desserts, we've retired to our rooms, and are excited to get back to school tomorrow with our favorite students and teachers! 

                 LOVE - Maria  

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