Thursday, June 30, 2016

While in Dehli...

Our touring in Delhi began at Jama Masjid.  It was built in 1656 by Emperor Shah Jahan (the builder of the Taj Mahal) and is the largest and most splendid mosque in India.  It has three majestic black and white marble domes covering the prayer hall which can seat 20,000 people.  (The women's robes pictured here are courtesy of the temple - not our own picks.)

Next we ventured into the Chandni Chowk shopping district.  Whole streets are dedicated to a type of merchandise including: weddings, jewelry, shoes, etc.  We exited from our rickshaws to walk through the the spice shops.  It was filled with unique aromas and many familiar items.   

The final stop for the day was the Red Fort.  It is made from red sandstone and is one of the most magnificent monuments in Delhi.  It was build by Emporer Shah Jahan in 1638. It was here that the National Flag was raised for the first time as India gained independence in August of 1947.  (Dave Nichols' parents were present for that event.)

It was a very hot day here in Delhi with high humidity.  In the early evening we were treated to a monsoonal downpour which we watched from our hotel windows.  In a couple days we will have another update including our visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra. Check back soon.
~~ Mindy

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