Saturday, June 25, 2016

Touring Kolkata -Saturday

Saturday was our day to explore Kolkata.  With the assistance of a guide, we drove through the city to Mother Teresa's and the sisters of the Missionaries of Charity's home, "Mother House."
As she was humble, so too was the home in which she lived.  The Missionaries of Charity are still actively serving the community from this meager facility.


This too is Mother Teresa's final resting place.  Many visit her here each day, bringing with them their prayers.
The house includes a small museum room where her accomplishments are presented on large story-board displays around the room. Numerous letters written to and by Mother Teresa are also on display.  In one letter she wrote, "Jesus said ' I thirst' and the Missionaries of Charity response is, 'I quench.'" As we continued on to the orphanage and the Home for the Dying we saw the Missionaries of Charity working to quench the needs of so many.  Experiencing these places was quite moving.

We continued our tour going to Victoria Memorial where we toured the gardens.

Then we walked through the pottery village where local artisans craft statues for Hindu festivals from straw and clay.

The Ganges was a short walk away so we made our way through the narrow streets and over the railroad tracks to the river.

 The Ganges is sacred to Hindus. Millions of Indians  live along it and depend on it for their daily needs.  

Finally we visited the Sheetalnathji Temple and Garden which was stunningly beautiful.   The entire temple structure, both inside and out, is decorated in ornate and intricate mosaics. 

I'm guessing you can tell that our day included some of the most beautiful and some of the most humble aspects of this intriguing city.   I don't know how to put into words the poverty and suffering we have seen during our stay.  My sense is that humanity is failing humanity in many ways. We are called to see Jesus in our neighbor who may be saying, "I thirst." We are also called to respond by quenching that thirst.  Where do we start?

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