Friday, June 24, 2016

Notes From Joan...

***** Since Joan is busy each day updating our prayer team on our activities, we thought we would share her perspectives here too.  Enjoy! 
Greetings Prayer Team,

The last two days have gone really well here in India. On Wednesday we went out to the school and we're taking on a tour by three lovely girls. They showed us the gardens all around the school and we got to go into each classroom and meet the students and teachers. It was so cute because every time we would enter room the girls with standup and greet us and then often times they would all say their names. We also met with the director, Kelsey, and started talking about ways that we could come back and help next year.

On Thursday we went back to the school and spent a lot of time in the classroom and working with the girls. The girls are delightful. They are enthusiastic learners and you can tell that they are very happy overall. This seems to be a very safe place for them. We also found out that some of the at risk girls live in a safe house close to the school and see their families less often but in a safe manner.

We eat lunch at the school each day with the teachers which is a really nice chance to interact with them. They all seem to truly care about the girls and about the environment at PLC.

After school yesterday make it and I did an hour teacher training. We had brought materials with us from the states. These are strategies that can be used in any class and grade level. It was so much fun to work with the teachers and watch them try out the strategies with each other. They seemed genuinely interested in using some of these in their classrooms. Over the next few days Megan and I will be going in and working with teachers on using these directly with their students. The strategies are called Kagan strategies and they get the students to interact and show their thinking which is different from how most students are taught in India. We're very excited to go back and do this.

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