Friday, July 28, 2017

DOOR Story - Day 4

LA Food Bank
On the morning of Day 4, we went to the Food Bank. When we arrived, there were two other volunteer groups visiting California. The three groups split off into separate operations. Our group was sorting bread based on expiration dates, then packaging boxes with the bread that wasn't  expired.

In total we filled up 5 pallets each with 45 packaged bread boxes. At the end, we moved around 20,000 pounds of bread, which was a big help to the organization, and to the people who are in need of food. Going to the Food Bank was a great experience.

Our final evening ended with worship.  All four youth groups joined together to close out a terrific week.  We heard from speakers about immigration and what God is calling us to do.  Some or our youth helped to lead the worship music - and did a wonderful job!  We are eager to get back home and share more details of our experiences.  If you have time, stop us at church and ask us to tell you more. We have stories to share and hope you will hear them some day.

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