Friday, July 28, 2017

DOOR Story - Day 3

Serving at The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse is a ministry of First Presbyterian Church N Hollywood, our host church.  It feeds the homeless in the area twice a week.  They also provide parish nurses to help with medical needs.  We prepared and served the guests their noontime meal.  We also had the privilege of visiting with some of them.  The stories we heard will stay with us.  

Homeboy Industries
This program is incredible for people who want to turn their lives around for the better. We went on a tour of the facility and our guide was very nice and knowledgable and welcoming. He clearly was a man of great faith, but we found out later that he had run away from home at 16, been in prison for 23 years and had only been out for 6 months. But the opportunities he was given at homeboy to take classes, learn skills, and gain job experience had really given him a new perspective on life. Homeboy was full of these amazing stories of people who were given a second chance: whether it be through painful tattoo removal, opportunity to finish school, or the ability to be hired with a criminal record. Everyone that comes there for help, leaves with references or a plan for their future and it was a privilege to see. After a day of incredible experiences, we decided to take our night off and do something fun.

Our "free" night at DOOR
We went out and got some great burgers at a place near the church called Shake Shack. After that and some sightseeing, we got to the main attraction: an escape room! The basic premise was that an archeologist had used our help to steal the constitution, and then framed us for the crime. We had 60 minutes to find the stolen document and make it out before the Feds burst in the room and took us prisoner. The room was full of puzzles for us to solve and it took a lot of deliberation and teamwork. We were ecstatic when we escaped the room with only 8 seconds to spare. All in all, our Wednesday night was a lot of fun and definitely one to remember.

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