Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Hey!   Chloe, Eli, Olivia, and Mizpa here.
     We are taking a break from painting the pediatric ward after a day of cleaning out 4 rooms. It seems no one has been blogging,(due to our spotty wifi) so we thought we would give it a try.  We were given tips (steps) by “elders” so here we go :)

Step 1: Describe our work-  In the past few days we completed 5 rooms free of bugs and new paint jobs that create a "get well" atmosphere. Eli and Antoine have been painting many, many animals. Jonah and Kyle are installing a new clutch and fixing the motor in the ambulance. Chloe, Catie and Mizpa are working on a map of the hospital to guide people as well as painting.

Step 2: Our impressions-  We are so glad to be here. In the beginning it seemed as though we weren't making an impact or really helping much but as of now we are hopeful and genuinely happy to be making a huge difference.

Step 3: Funny story-  Insecticide is useless against the “Battlestar Gallactaroach.” I'm convinced they will take over the world. When we sprayed the beds an army of cockroaches came but we had the higher ground and big feet! Also I would like to add that the drivers are a little unaware at times.
     "Every time I ride with Jonah I hit my head on the ceiling. " (Chloe)
     "Kyle forgot that I was getting inside the car and drove off. "(Olivia)
Sharayah, Catie, Mizpa, and Natalie have been getting their crunk on every night at Diamant Noir Bar and even took Pastor Luther whose dance moves are... Something!

Step 4: Future plans-  We are having a bonfire tonight. Happy 4th of July!
Corn at the compound.
Step 5: Quotes-
   "I'm not going to pretend my hair isn't beautiful in this humidity... It is"- Eli
   "I don’t want to die yet"- Natalie on a wobbly ladder
   "Sorry" -Sari
   "I just got stabbed in the eye" -Maria (don’t give your toddlers knives)
   "Mosquitos suck"-Luke
   "I guess I’m a Smurf today" -Katie
Needless to say the trip is going well. And we are excited to finish up at the hospital.  Miss you all! 

View of the area

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