Thursday, July 31, 2014

Good morning from Los Angeles! 
Yesterday, Wednesday, our groups served at Hollywood Healthcare Partnership and Project Angel Food in the morning. HHP serves meals and offers medical services for those in need. The group made and served a meal. Max enjoyed making the spaghetti and commented on how grateful the recipients were.  Micah helped an elderly lady with her cane and received and appreciative kiss on the cheek for his thoughtfulness.  Stefan enjoyed talking with the folks and even got to speak a bit of German with some. The overall sense was that these are not homeless people they are "people!"

The group at Project Angel Food helped to prepare and package over 1,500 meals which were to be delivered later that day.  Aidan cooked!! Zaria liked the packaging machine.  Maria was open to talking to others in the kitchen and met some really kind volunteers - even the cookie lady, Erma.  We will add photos soon. 

In the afternoon we went to Home Boy Industries.  The tour guide, Gabrielle, shared his story of being out of the gang and sober for nine months. It was emotional and inspiring.  Olivia and Tori were moved by his admitting that even after being shot four times it never occurred to him that he could change.  Nick was impressed at how dedicated he is to changing his life now that he has a support system to help him. Mindy met Father Gregory, the Home Boy founder, and felt like she had just met a rock star. 

We are looking forward to our service assignments today. 
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