Monday, July 18, 2016

Our group arrived Sunday evening at Luther Glen campground.  We were greeted by the camp staff and began our stay.  We played some getting-to-know-you games and ended the evening with a devotion time of readings and songs.

Today, July 18, the men prepared the tables for breakfast at 7:45 a.m. while the women calmly sauntered to the dining hall at 8:00. After breakfast, the squadron explored the farm which included goats, chickens, pigs, dogs, and a miniature horse, Chuck.

Next, the youth split up into four groups each with a different objective in mind. These activities ranged from chopping wood, to gardening, to shoveling manure, and building a campfire setup.

Then, the groups enjoyed a solid lunch including salad, fries, and sandwiches. Later, the youth visited the campground's swimming pool where they played a long game of Marco Polo. After cleaning up, the youth enjoyed a thoughtful Bible study where they delved deeper into Christ and explored their inner feelings.

 Furthermore, everyone participated in team building games that lead them to discover the "3 C's" (Communication, Concentration, and Cooperation). Even though these games may have caused some of the campers frustration, their intent was achieved as everyone grew in character.

Lastly, the group sat down to eat a Mexican dinner together in preparation for the rest of the day's activities.  This included more gardening, collecting fresh eggs from the chicken coop, trimming trees, and mixing concrete.
 Our time together is proving to be productive and educational!
~~ The majority of this post was written by Nick with help from the gentlemen of the group. :-) 

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